Trail Master Plan

Sandy Springs Trail Master Plan

Sandy Springs Conservancy was a driving force in the development of the Sandy Springs Trail Master Plan. The plan outlines a total of 35 miles of trails to connect greenspace and parks throughout the city. The plan serves as a road map for the development of connectivity trails broken down into 6 areas of the city with an implementation plan.

In January 2019 representatives of SSC met with city of Sandy Springs officials and pitched the idea of developing a master plan for a walking trail system in Sandy Springs that would connect greenspace and parks. SSC offered to contribute $25,000 toward the plan if the city was interested. The city agreed to move forward and funded the remaining $50,000 for the development of a trail master plan.

With SSC’s recommendation, PATH, an organization dedicated to developing trails throughout Georgia, was invited to participate in the development of a trail master plan for Sandy Springs. In 2019 a trail master plan committee was formed that included representatives from SSC, PATH and city staff. With input from all parties and the public, the plan was completed and adopted by the city in the fall of 2019. The city committed to building 10 miles of trails in the first 10 years.

The first segment approved for construction was Segment 2A, a 1.6 mile stretch that connects Morgan Falls Overlook Park to Roswell Rd. A highlight of Segment 2A will be a boardwalk along Orkin Lake. Segment 2A is part of the larger Morgan Falls Segment 2 loop of 5.4 miles that connects Overlook Park, the Chattahoochee River and Big Trees Forest Preserve.

Funding for Segment 2A was approved by the city in January 2022. Construction of Segment 2A could begin as early as summer 2022.