Greenspace Projects

Completed Projects

Morgan Falls Overlook Park

Situated alongside the Chattahoochee River, Morgan Falls Overlook Park is a world class park to be enjoyed by all. In 2001, the SSC, with community input and support from Fulton County, envisioned the Morgan Falls area to be a “great park”, encompassing the whole corridor. The Conservancy secured a grant from Northside Hospital in 2004 to build a wellness pavilion on the spit of land overlooking the river. When the City incorporated the following year, it expanded our design, creating the wonderful Overlook Park. Following the creation of the park, the SSC continued to work closely with the City and funded the design and construction of the Bluff Trail and the installation of the Kayak Dock. Today the SSC continues to look for opportunities to add trails and public greenspace to the area.

North Abernathy Greenway Park

When increasing traffic along Abernathy Road necessitated a state road widening project, the City worked with federal, state and county agencies to fund land acquisition along Johnson Ferry Road, acquiring 42 homes in total. In a joint venture, the state acquired needed right-of-way space, and the city acquired what the state didn’t need for road expansion – about 20 acres, creating a linear park on both the north and south sides of the road. SSC played a key role in bringing together stakeholders and neighbors to design the park.

Abernathy Playable Art Park

Following the development of the Abernathy Greenway, In 2010 and 2011, SSC used a portion of the grant from Northside Hospital to build a unique destination park for children. The SSC partnered with Art Sandy Springs (ARTSS), and commissioned six monumental sculptures for children, creating a regional showpiece and popular park which opened in 2014.

South Abernathy Greenway Park

Following the development of the North Abernathy Greenway and Abernathy Playable Art Park, the SSC continued with their stakeholder involvement role. Garnering neighborhood support, the SSC brought in surrounding neighbors to design a woodland trail, and worked with the City to build a wonderful walking trail along the South side of Abernathy and Johnson Ferry Roads toward Roswell Road.

Johnson Ferry Tree Line Trail

In order to improve connectivity to the Abernathy Greenway Park, the SSC worked with the neighborhoods throughout the community to raise funds and plant a significant tree line along Johnson Ferry Road to beautify and shade the sidewalks, encouraging people to get out and walk.

Lost Corner Nature Preserve

The property owner wanted to preserve her family homestead of 24 wooded acres, as a legacy for children to enjoy into the future. The SSC worked with the property owner, and brought together the Trust for Public Land, City of Sandy Springs, the state land conservation fund, and private donors to purchase the land and create the stunning Lost Corner Nature Preserve, now a city park.

Island Ford Park

In 2009, the SSC provided matching funds to the city of Sandy Springs for a Department of Natural Resources grant to create walking trails throughout this 11-acre parcel that is near the Island Ford Unit of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area (CRNRA).

Windsor Meadows

Following the 2009 flood that destroyed dozens of properties in Sandy Springs, the Conservancy envisioned turning the FEMA properties into neighborhoods parks.  The Conservancy worked with the city of Sandy Springs to identify more than a dozen FEMA properties. The first to be developed was almost 5 contiguous acres on the banks of Nancy Creek. SSC helped to bring together the city, the HOA and surrounding neighbors to participate in the planning. The end result is a wonderful park with walking trails, benches and creek overlooks. SSC Board Member and landscape architect Molly Welch, designed and helped construct the Windsor Meadows Park, working through the regulatory requirements to open Windsor Meadows and the pedestrian Bridge across Nancy Creek, for our community to enjoy.

Rivershore Estates

This is another FEMA property acquired by the City. SSC is working with the city and the neighborhood to create another park amenity.

City Green

SSC was a significant community stakeholder working with design consultants for our City Center. As a result of the SSC assessment and report to the City regarding regional and national civic center greenspace, the City and the design consultants increased the original design from slightly more that 1 acre to more the 4 acres of green and community outdoor space, leading to a beautiful open greenspace for outdoor events, a picnic lawn, and open play and exercise for our citizens.

The Park at Ashton Woods, Aria

When this Glenridge property was to be sold, the SSC introduced the idea of creating a woodland park and trail on the property. SSC crafted an agreement between the city of Sandy Springs and the developer resulting in a plan for a 10 to 12-acre park with a trail and greenspace. Plans call for this trail to connect with a future Marsh Creek Trail and over to Roswell Road and to the Glenlake office area.