Mission & Vision


The mission of the Sandy Springs Conservancy (SSC) is to create, conserve and connect parks and greenspace in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

  • Create a strong sense of place and community
  • Conserve natural resources for improved air, land, and water quality
  • Connect people to nature and each other for enhanced physical and mental

We do this by bringing together stakeholders, building partnerships, and providing funding to jump-start greenspace projects throughout the city. SSC creates partnerships to conserve, enhance, plan, and implement parks, greenspace, and trails and create non-vehicular access to these amenities.

SSC provides critical seed funding, professional expertise, and engages the community to facilitate projects that protect precious natural resources, inspire health and wellness, encourage social interaction, and boost economic development.

We strongly believe that parks, greenspace, and trails are economic engines that will help transform Sandy Springs from a place to go through to a place to go to.


To create, conserve, connect and enhance greenspace, parks and trails in Sandy Springs with the goal of leaving our community a greener place for the enjoyment of generations to come.

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